Seven hard truths that everyone should know….

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Your expectations are just that. Your expectations. People are not obligated to live up to them or abide by them. Even if they are in certain cases obligated to do so, there is no guarantee that they will. So don’t base your plans on that. And don’t base your life on that.

You can walk away. But so can they. You can be hurt and you can be mad. But they will still walk away. They have that option. They can exercise that choice.

People have bullied you. And teased you. And judged you. But the person judging you constantly and the most harshly is you yourself. They won’t respect you if you don’t respect yourself.

Taking care of yourself takes effort. It’s not just feel-good quotes and pretty aesthetics. It’s work. A lot of work. It’s doing things that take time and sometimes it’s doing things you don’t want to do.

Sometimes you are going to use the word love even though you don’t 100% want to. It’s because like is too little and there is no word in between. It’s because we use the same word for fries and for people. It’s because love means so many different things to every individual.

It’s gone. The past. You can regret it as much as you like. But you’re only wasting more time. Not letting go is only keeping you sad and frustrated and stuck. They are unaffected. They are living their life wonderfully. They are free.

People can get toxic for you. Believe it or not, so can you.

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