Will AI take my job in the future?

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General Knowledge Part-3

1. विश्व संगीत दिवस हर साल मनाया जाता है? (A) 10 जून (B) 09 जून (C) 21 जून (D) 19 जून 2. अंतर्राष्ट्रीय योग दिवस हर साल मनाया जाता...

Which Ten things we should never do?

Don’t always follow your heart. Sometimes the things your heart ‘wants’ are not logical. It’s about balance. Don’t let your heart run away with...

Turn your problem inside out…….

A psychiatrist once told me about a counseling session he had with a certain patient. He said, "After listening to the patient for a...

हमेशा मुस्कुराइए

😊 हमेशा मुस्कुराइए 😊 एक कवि एक बाग़ से गुजर रहे थे, बाग़ में हजारों फूल खिले थे सारे फूल मुस्कुराते नजर आ रहे थे,...

Before going to question that AI will take my job or not. Let’s us understand what is AI and how it would be helpful. “Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software”. Near-term AI progress has the potential to greatly improve our lives in myriad ways, from making our personal lives, power grids and financial markets. More efficient to saving lives with self-driving cars, surgical bots and AI diagnosis systems.

Long before, we need to worry about intelligent machines replacing us altogether. They may increasingly replace us on the job market. This need not be a bad thing, as long as society redistributes a fraction of the AI-created wealth. With advance planning, a low-employment society should be able to flourish not only financially, with people getting their sense of purpose from activities other than jobs.
Will AI take my job in the future?

  1. It require interacting with people and using social intelligence.
  2. It involve creativity and coming up with clever solutions.
  3. Artificial Intelligence require working in an unpredictable environment?
  4. The more of these questions you can answer with a yes, the better your career choice is likely to be.
  5. Career advice for today’s kids: Go into professions that machines are bad at those involving people, unpredictability and creativity.


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