Biggest problem in India and who suffers from these?

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India has many problems and lot of people talk about corruption or lack of transparency among 90 percent or so politicians. In my view the biggest problem is growing population across many states simply because

Population: Population has to be fed and India do not have control yet, thousands of farmers are committing suicide and governments have no answers. The marketing system for Agriculture produce sucks, the middle men get rich. Just around Guntur, there are Rithu Bazars which sell 20 percent less price than retail markets or even wholesale market of Reliance or Best Price but the total volume is not even 10 percent. Paddy which is sold at the farmer from less than Rs. 1300 and intern produce 50kg rice but in any market no one get rice for less than Rs. 30. Same goes with pulses or Oil. Look at Onions or Sugar the prices vary. Many just do not understand that a minister does not have even three or four years experience yet he makes decision total false. At least there a IAS officer.

Agriculture: Agriculture produce through Public Distribution System is absolutely produce nothing. Political influence always forces no better results. Yield of many crops vary across many states and no government official really work to make the produce reach the demanded place. 30 percent of vegetables or 40 percent of fruits have been spoiled. This market has never seen great growth.

Housing: Housing has not even reached even 80 or 90 percent. There are millions sleep in Railway stations or bu-stations or under bridges. Government plans never shown any significant growth, MLAs or MP just get their salaries and perks but never really develop their constitution more than 90 percent

Poverty: Poverty of ONE meal a day is a serious problem. BPL is set at one to two dollars absolutely false. Does it get two meals, clothes and place to live. There are over 200 million living under BPL. Over 100 million have no electricity or good water to drink.

Currently India has over 500 million below 35 years old what can it done. India per capital income growing, telecom penetration is higher, literacy growing, infrastructure is getting better but lot more has to be done. Many asshole loot this country like Malya or Nirva Modi but takes longer time to bring to JUSTICE

Who SUFFERS: Many Urban dwellers and lot more in millions rural people. Over thousand villages in last ten years after returning from here but the growth is there. I decide to stay here hoping India would be OK. fine simply suffering is part.


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