Dark side of being an Airhostess

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Hearing the name Airhostess, many girls remember their happy dreams. Most of the women definitely dream of becoming Airhostess in their life.Airhostess darkside money dreams

After becoming an Airhostess, no one can stop your flight in the sky, nor any limit to earning money.

Money is blind in the Airhostess but in addition there are some dark sides.

You will have to bear the brunt of your physical watch meaning if you fly from Delhi at 6 am. You will reach London in the morning as London is 5:30 hours behind schedule, you flew in the day, day. Arrived in the night, the night gap increased, your body clock went awry.

Most Airhostess usually encounter abusive passengers. Who consider them to be their paid servants, and make their own separate requests, and hope to be with them. Yet Airhostess have to behave courteously.

Many times people try to stare, stare, molest Airhostess. Because of their clothes, but airhostess still handles passengers to a limit to provide better service. But still treats them well . In case of excess, the airhostess can complain later against whom action is taken.

Dark side of being an Airhostess

Your body will go to the water of the ghat, food of the country, city where it will land. Due to which the airhostess has a lot of trouble, many times get sick too.

If a passenger dies, only airhostess and cabin crew have to give explanation, sometimes getting caught in the legal mess.

Many times people try to take advantage of Airhostess. Passengers sometimes fight, abuses and airhostess has to listen. Because the same airlines in a way the company acts as a spokesperson / leadership.

Flirting with airhostess has become a common practice, most human beings think of making a chance. They should understand that they are not your maids. Educated Airhostess, who are there to give you the best airlines experience, not your flirting or slander To bear.

Whenever you go to airlines treat Airhostess well, believe your heart will be happy and theirs too.

Image Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2010/TRAVEL/06/04/airline.upgrades/index.html

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