Railways or Roads

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Some people think that governments should spend money on railways. Others believe that there should be more investment into new roads.

Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

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Some would argue that it is not beneficial to spend a hefty amount on railways,

but others argue that this money should be utilized by the administration in constructing roads. In this essay, I will discuss both the views and present my opinion.

Spending a large amount of finances on rail might be useful in some cases

where people think travelling through railways is inexpensive and is useful for long-distance journeys. It has also less effect of unusual weather conditions such as fog and rain. Take Syracuse in the USA, as an example. Weather remains uncommon for almost half a year, so spending money can help people in travelling to work. However, I believe it only helps a smaller section of society living in urban areas,

whereas, people in countryside will be unable to take benefits as most rail stations are in cities. Therefore, steps which can help both societies should be taken by the authorities.

Railways or Roads

On the other hand, utilizing on building roads is something that can be useful for everyone. People in rural areas face issues when they need to travel to cities for their work or for health checkups, but due to unavailability of proper roads it takes long hours.

As a result,

they might miss important tasks and in worst cases,

may loss the life of their loved ones when they are unable to reach on time to hospitals. Moreover, residents of metropolitan cities can be by making their travelling distance shorter. For instance,

previously it takes 2 hours to cover a distance of 10kms in New Delhi, but construction of new roads helped people and reduced time to 40 minutes. I believe this approach is more preferable as it can help in providing better facilities to everyone.

In conclusion, although people think that through railways cost of travelling is lower and can prevent themselves from harsh weather,

I believe until the roads are available in villages, spending on rail transport is not useful.

Discuss Essay IELTS Writing


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