India Builds World’s Largest COVID-19 Facility

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South Delhi district administration along with the support of Ministry of Homes Affairs builds world’s largest COVID-19 facility with 10,000 beds in just 10 days. The Sardar Patel COVID Care Center and Hospital will work as an Isolation Center for the mild patient od Corona Virus. This Isolation centre was designed and created to provide a stress-free environment to the patient of the Corona Virus. This facility has started admitting the Coronavirus patient from Sunday.

This Isolation centre has a rough area of 20-football field and has a length of 1700 feet and width of 700 feet. The Isolation facility is cooled by 18000 tons of air conditioners with mud flooring covered by carpets and vinyl sheets for hassle-free cleaning. Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) will operate this isolation centre and volunteers of Radha Soami Beas will help to run this centre. 10 per cent beds of the centre are provided with oxygen facility, incase patient feels some symptoms of breathlessness.  The entire facility is divided into 3 sections, one for the patients, second for the nurses and patient and third for the command. Each patient will be provided with a bed, chair, stool, Cupboard, dustbin and toiletry-kit. Each bed is well equipped with the laptop and mobile charging facility, patients were allowed to carry their laptops and mobile but for any video or audio activities, they have to use headphones. This Isolation building also contains Recreational Center where patients will have access to recreational activities like Library, skipping, board games etc. The centre is well equipped with odd toilet, portable toilets and special toilet facility for disabled patients. The centre has an underground water reservoir of 1.7 lakh litres for uninterrupted water supply to the centre. India has created history after building such a must needed isolation centre where patients will feel totally stress-free and comfortable.


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