Find Joy in the Small Things

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Everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving.

Many of us tend to take things for granted: The colors of flowers, the songs of birds, the beauty of a sunrise, these are all things that many people barely notice. It is only when you begin to contemplate a life without these blessings that you realize how colorless and uninteresting it would be if they were absent.

We should cherish and appreciate every blessing in our lives: We should learn to appreciate the wonders of God’s Creations and everything He has granted us through His grace.

Make yours a better world: There is no point in making money and hoarding it. You cannot take it with you when you say your final adieu. We have a very short life. At the most 120 years, but on an average 80 odd years, after which there is going to be a veil of eternal darkness whether you like it not. Hence, live every minute, savor every moment. Let every second become a beautiful experience. There can be worries, there can be looming problems. But at this moment, you have the power to be happy or unhappy.

If you feel moody, go to your favorite beach: Let the sun and the fragrant wind soothe your nerves. Plan a trip for today, for tomorrow and for the day after. Plan to take your kids for a movie or to an amusement park or anywhere they would be happy. Buy new clothes for your family members, buy the best automobile, go to foreign lands and let everyone enjoy living.

You might be sitting irritated over something when your child comes with a demand or childish prank: You will tend to get angry and spoil his/her day. Once an angry word has passed your mouth, it can never be retrieved. It would have caused an irreparable harm. The child goes grumbling unhappily and you become unhappy too. Why do you want to make a moment unpleasant? Hold your reaction for a minute and suppress the natural bend of mind to be angry, say a nice word, and offer a smile. If you are doing something, stop doing it and lend your ears and eyes, lend your body, lend your mind. The attentions you give will make all the difference in the world to your child.

When an aged parent comes to your side, do not feel irritated. Show warmth and concern. After all, they gave all their time to you when you were young. They are the same parents now, the only difference is that they are no longer earning and they are not physically fit as they used to be. Your annoyance and eagerness to get rid of them will make them unhappy and if such events get repeated, they will stop coming to you for anything. They will become more morose and lonely and they will start cursing their life and think of putting an end to it. In turn, knowingly or unknowingly you will feel sad and guilty.

Everyone knows a feeling of hurt or guilt is very damaging to one’s body and mind. If, on the other hand, you make your loved ones happy with your time and attention, you will feel happy and gratifying.

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