Discussion Essay: Zoos are all Cruel

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Some people think that zoos are all cruel and should be closed down. Others however believe that zoos can be useful in protecting wild animals. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Some would argue that artificial zoos should be shut down as they are cruel, but others believe that it can be beneficial for saving wild creatures.

While closing of manmade homes can be a quick solution,

I believe protecting animals in zoo can help in preserving the endangered species. In this essay, I will discuss both these views and present my opinion.

Closing of some manmade homes for animals might be true in some instances

but I tend to think against it because it is a quick solution and is definitely harmful in the long run.

Those people who think that it a better option believe

that these creatures are kept in cages for the sake of money. This also keeps them away from their natural environment where they can enjoy freedom. Take elephants, as an example. People believe it they are kept in smaller section in a zoo where it does not move freely, which, as a result, is hindering their breeding.

However, I believe closing down of zoos is not an answer for eradicating cruelty from wildlife parks as they help in maintaining the cycle of ecology  

and instead strict laws should be implemented so that any inhuman activities is impossible in  any zoo around the globe.

On the other hand,

helping animals in preserving their breed from extinction in zoos is a something that all zoos are important for. Wildlife gardens with proper facilities such as creating same environment as natural can help endangered animals from their extinction. With the expansion of urban areas, animal species like Pandas are dying because of scarcity of their proper food and water but zoo keepers make sure that they do not die of hunger.

 Moreover, ecological balance can also be

maintained as nature is a byproduct of lifecycle where these creatures play a crucial role. If these creatures were to die in the open, the entire lifecycle would be disrupted. I believe this method approach is preferable

if complete care and proper steps are taken by zoo authorities.

In conclusion,

although people think that the only solution from being cruel on animals is to close the zoos as their needs can only be fulfilled in the free nature,

I believe necessary steps should be taken rather such as shelter and diet need to be maintained 

zoos plays a far important rile and must not be closed down.


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Discussion Essay: Zoos are all Cruel


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