Clothes as a Judge

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Some people say that it is possible to tell a lot about person’s culture and character from their choices of clothes. Do you agree or disagree?

Some would argue that what a person wears can determine the individual’s civilization and nature. Although it is true that clothing can determine culture of people, but I disagree on the view that it can tell nature as well.

Choice of clothes can define the culture of anyone as many people wear attires related to their religions and beliefs. People respect their traditions and prefer to wear accordingly. This makes them confident and happy in the society. Take, Sikhs as an example. They wear turban as a symbol of their religion which gives any idea about the background and nationality. Similarly, Indian Women wear salwar suit and anyone can easily learn about their culture by seeing them, which also gives them confidence. Therefore, it is possible to get an idea by their dressing style.

Characteristics of any individual cannot be judged by the choice of attire people wear. Because individual’s habits are not dependent on clothes. Honesty and right code of conduct are admired and praised by everyone, what they like to wear cannot tell. For instance, Mahatma Gandhi, who played an important role in India’s Independence, created huge impact by his honest and harmonious behavior rather than by his clothes. However, he wore a piece of cloth in his entire life which does not reflect his character and this was also misleaded the Britishers. Hence, it is completely illogical to say something about anyone by his clothing style.

In conclusion, what a person wears can deduce the civilization from which he belongs as many people prefer to wear according to their religion or tradition but cloths cannot be the reflection of nature as it is dependent on traits what people learn in their life.


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