What should Teenagers Stop doing in school?

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For God’s sake, flush after using the urinal.

Do not say no, when someone asks for water.

Do not be a bully and make sure that no one gets bullied.

Destroying school property is not cool, it’s your property too.

Do not show off your dad’s possession among your classmates.

Do not always ask for water from everyone, bring your own water bottle.

Guys should not look up while going up on L-shaped or spiral staircase.

Do not make out in classroom or corridors, trust me guys “Upar Wala Sab Dekh Raha Hai”.

The short length of your skirt and narrow pants does not make you cool.

If you are into sports don’t deliberately narrow down your pants because stretching would be a nightmare for you and you don’t want to expose your possession.

Say no to Sex in school. Because you may see your own MMS in sites which you visit to have fun. You will get it when the perfect time comes.

Say no to watch porn on the computer of your computer lab, If you get caught then your parents would be made aware of your hobby and clearly you do not want that.


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