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It is a saying “It’s not about brand, it’s about style”. Also “Fashion can be bought, Style one must possess.” So here we are telling some ongoing fashion trends now a day’s which you can opt can bring a new look to your style. As spring season is the best to carry out your new fashionable clothes with full of colors. This summer we have brought for you the 5 topmost fashion styles going in trend.

Fancy Bermudas

Remember the days when you choose to wear Bermudas only as night wear. But now the fashion trend has bought you a new style of Bermudas which are fancy. These Bermudas shorts can be wore casually and are also available for office use. You can wear these on your professional meetings also. You can choose according to the occasion.

Crochet Thread

In childhood when we use to visit the grandmothers house we all can remember her doing crocheting and knitting the woolen for her grandchildren or for other members of the family. The crochets clothes like dresses and tops of crochet are back in trend. One can have crochet handbags also of their choice. Crochet work is also available in cushion covers and bed sheets and also there are many decorative items in crochet also.

In Tiers

Little girl like their frill frocks a lot so do the young girls!!! In young girls their is fashion of the dresses which are having diff layers called as in teir dresses. The dress can be available in any length from the short skirt to long dresses. These dresses belongs to Victorian era and available in different fabrics and colors. These dresses can be wore with

Wallpaper Print

Yes, the large stuffy printed designs are back with their 3-D prints. The elegant styled dresses are available for every season. For spring there are large flora and fauna prints which seem to be refreshing. Wallpaper designs do not follow a specific scheme or print, they are designing randomly which make every piece from other. You can find wallpaper print design in dresses, tops, and trousers and in night wear.

Victorian Puffy Sleeves

The Victorian era had brought unique style of sleeves; whether long or short the fashion designers are admiring the era to revive the contemporary style of dressing. These sleeves have different names according to their length and the diameter of the puff, also called as mutton sleeves. You can have puffy sleeve on traditional or professional suits, tops and dresses whether short or long.

It’s not about brand, it’s about style


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