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Goa once again has opened his gates for Tourists after the COVID-19 Lockdown. Goa is well prepared to welcome its tourists from within the state. Now once again people can travel to goa to spend some quality time or to chill with their loved one’s. This is the big news coming from the tourist industry in the state and the biggest revenue-generating industry. After this big decision, there is a hope that the Tourism Industry can once again come back with well preparation and precautions.

As all know the tourism industry was the firstly impacted industry from COVID-19. This big decision of opening Goa Tourism for Domestic travellers was taken in Cabinet meeting, presided by the Chief Minister of Goa, Pramod Sawant. In this meeting, it was decided to only allow only domestic travellers to enter Goa under some strict norms.

By keeping COVID-19 in mind this big decision was taken to open the goa tourism for domestic people with some precautions or norms that have to be followed by the travellers. So if anyone is planning to visit in goa have to follow some rule and regulations strictly which are mentioned below:

  1. Traveller must have to carry COVID-19 negative report with them and that test should be conducted before the past 48hours otherwise travellers have to get them self tested in Goa.
  2. If someone found Corona positive then He/she would have to go back or have to quarantine in goa till the result is declared negative.
  3. Travellers need to pre-book hotels only that are approved by the Tourism department.
  4. Booking in non-approved hotel by Tourism industry is not allowed and the same will be treated as illegal.

All these set of rules and regulations were made by taking COVID-19 safety in mind. This big decision will also help the local people of Goa and mostly their income come from the tourists.


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