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In summer, take care of your Skin

Hey, the summers are back with the extra stroke of heat and this time it becomes important to take care of your skin, so you have a hydrated and glowing skin in this hotly weather.

What to follow to in summer to take care of your skin?

  • Drink plenty of water

Since in summer there is so much loss of water from the body, hence it becomes necessary to drink a lot of water which keeps you hydrated and helps in making the skin glow. You can have coconut water, which contains a lot of minerals as well.

  • Apply Sunscreen regularly

Skin of your face is soft, which needs extra care from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. So if you  apply a sunscreen of SPF 15 will be helpful to keep your face skin safe.

  • Eat watery fruits and green veggies

What you eat will be reflected on your face. You should eat a lot of fruits in summer which is seasonal, contains a lot of water and gives you a cooling effect. Focus on eating green vegetables and fibrous fruits. You can also opt for neembu pani, Aam pana, thandai etc.

  • Cleanse your face

When you go to work your face attracts a lot of dust, which gets stick on with the face skin. Cleanse yourself with a good cleanser. Milk is the best cleanser, which is easily available at a very low cost.

  •  Exfoliating

Your body generates dead skin cells regularly, which make your skin look dull. So it becomes necessary to remove them from your skin regularly. The best way method is exfoliating i.e. scrubbing your skin 2-3 times a week. Do not do it daily.

  • Cover your hair

Your hair adds up to your beauty, the strong rays of the sun may harm the look of your hair. Also, the sweating on your scalp may cause the roots to get weaken their strength. To protect your hair, cover them properly when you move out in summer and shampoo your hair 3 times a week. Also, give them nourishment either by using home remedies or take a regular spa.


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