Immunity-Boosting Dry Amla Candy

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As we know amla (Indiana gooseberry) is rich in Vitamin C, iron and calcium, hence it is valuable to boost our immunity and metabolism.

Other benefits of including amla in our diet are improved eyesight, regulated blood-sugar,
healthy skin. To avail these benefits, we can include amla in our diet in many forms (in form of pickle, chutneys, murabba, juice or dried amla candy).

In this article, we will share a yummy and healthy recipe for making “amla candy” that is loved by children as well. These dry amla candies can be stored for many days.


  • 500gm amla.
  • 300gm sugar.
  • 4 tbsp sugar powder.
  • 2 tbsp saunth (dry ginger powder).
  • 2 tbsp powdered cumin seeds.

Check the below steps to make the delicious amla candy:

  1. Wash the amlas thoroughly.
  2. In a pressure cooker, put 1 glass of water and the amlas, and wait till 2 whistles.
  3. Let the amla cool and then remove amla seed and cut amla into pieces.
  4. Then sprinkle sugar, cumin powder and dry ginger powder on the amla pieces and mix well.
  5. Keep in a covered jar for two days.
  6. After two days, slices will be settled at the bottom of the jar. Collect these amla slices (by removing any excessive water).
  7. Now, keep these slices under the sunlight (for 2 days).
  8. Pour the powdered sugar and store the candies in an air-tight container.

Contributed By: Ms. Gopali Nayyar


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