Popular Indian Dahi Bhalla Recipe

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When it comes to Indian snacks, “dahi bhalla” is one of the most popular and tasty vegetarian
snack of India. Dahi Bhalla is a very popular snack in North India that can be munched as a
snack or a side-dish. It’s easy to cook and is liked by most of the people. 
It includes 2 major steps:

  1. Preparing Bhalla
  2. Assembling Dahi Bhalla.
  1. Preparing Bhalla:
     Soak 1 cup Urad Dal in water overnight.
     Rinse and drain the soaked dal nicely and put in the mixer jar.
     Add half tbsp cumin seeds, green chilli, heeng, ginger.
     Add water slowly in small quantities and grind the ingredients for a smooth fluffy batter
     Pour the batter in a bowl and add salt as per taste.
     Stir the batter. Stirring the batter nicely is the trick for soft bhallas.
     Add oil for frying in a kadhai or pan and heat it. 
     When the oil is medium hot, start adding the batter in small quantities.
     Fry the bhallas till they turn light golden. 
     Drain the excess oil by placing bhallas on paper towel. 
     After all the bhallas are fried, soak them in around 2-2.5 cup water for around 15-20
    minutes or till they become soft.
     Take each bhalla and press on your palm so as to remove the excess water.
    Now the bhallas are ready. Let’s assemble the dahi bhalla
  1. For assembling Dahi Bhalla:
     Take around 2 cups of fresh curd (cold).
     Whisk the curd properly.
     Add the bhallas to the curd and mix them gently.
     Add chat masala and salt as per taste.
     Optionally, you can garnish your dahi bhallas with Imli Chutney, Coriander Chutney or
    Your delicious Dahi Bhallas are ready. Enjoy!


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