Crispy Fried Aloo Gobhi- No onion no garlic!

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Preparing Indian food can intimidate sometimes, but there are plenty of recipes that are too simple to try. Some people don’t prefer using onions and garlic in their food. Also, during some religious days, some people don’t consume onion or garlic. So this recipe can be equally tempting for your lunch or dinner, even without the use of onion or garlic.

Aloo Gobhi ki sabzi is a commonly cooked dish in Indian households. We have been eating it
since our childhood and loving it since then. So here is a very easy recipe for Aloo Gobhi
without onion, garlic or tomato. So, spice up your dinner with the super-easy recipe of aloo gobhi.
Packed with high fiber and B-vitamins, cauliflower (gobhi) must be included in your diet.
Moreover, the recipe turns out to be very crispy and too yummy.


  • 2 cauliflowers.
  • 3 potatoes.
  • Half tsp methi daana
  • Salt, black pepper, green chilli (as per taste).

Here goes the recipe:

  1. Take 2 flowers of gobhi (cauliflower). Chop them in small pieces and wash them thoroughly.
  2. Take 3 medium-sized aalu (potatoes), wash and chop them. 
  3. Take a kadhai and heat oil. 
  4. Add chopped gobhi florets and start cooking them on low flame.
  5. Add methe daane (small amount as per taste). This is optional, but it does give a very nice flavour.
  6. After gobhi is partially cooked, add the chopped potatoes and keep cooking on low flame. 
  7. Add turmeric (haldi).
  8. After the gobhi and potatoes are almost cooked, add salt, black pepper and laal mirchi and chopped hari mirchi as per taste. 
  9. Stir and mix the spices nicely. 
  10. Switch off the flame and keep covered for a few minutes. 

Enjoy your crispy aloo gobhi ki sabzi. 
Best when served with paratha and raita!

Contributed By: Ms. Gopali Nayyar

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