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Cricket was started in 1300 A.D in England.  It was started as a game of Shepherds and was become very popular in 18th century. Sometime Later a Club was formed named Marylebone Cricket Club in London. Cricket is the World’s second most popular sport after Football (Soccer).

Cricket became popular in Australia because of the influence of British there. The 1st Cricket test match was played in Melbourne in the year 1877 between England and Australia. The 1st One Day International was played between Australia and England in the year 1971. First world Cup was won by West Indies by Beating Australia by 17 runs in the year 1975 in London.   

Whole Cricket sport is governed by International Cricket Council. International Cricket Council was renamed as International Cricket Conference in the year 1965 but the name was changed back to International Cricket Council in 1989.

International Cricket Council organises many World Championship events like: Cricket World Cup, Women’s Cricket World Cup, ICC T20 World Cup, Women’s ICC T20 World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, and Under 19 Cricket World Cup. ICC is totally responsible for the Organisation and Governance of the Cricket’s major International Matches.

¬†All the Umpires were planned by International Cricket Council. ¬†Later on Board of Control for Cricket in India was formed in the year 1927. BCCI is the National Governing body for Cricket in India. BCCI is the India’s Richest Sport’s governing body and Richest in the world in terms of Cricket Board. BCCI is not a Government body as it is not depending on Government for the Finance.

Some Measurements in Cricket

Length of the Pitch is 22 yards, Length of the Crease should be 1.22m to 1.83m, Weight of the ball should be 155 to 163 gram, and Length of the Stumps Should is 28 inch.

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