COBOTS (Collaborative Robots)

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Collaborative Robots (Cobots) are the new-generation robotic systems that are capable of working along with humans. Cobots are intended to directly communicate with human beings in a common space.

According to International Federation of Robotics (IFR), Cobots are carefully designed. Thus, they possess numerous technical features ensuring that they don’t harm any worker coming in their direct contact or even accidentally.

Industries, the Cobots play vital role in supporting the employees in their work. Cobots can perform tasks that are tedious to be performed by human beings. They can also help in lifting heavy things. Cobots can also perform quality inspection of the manufactured stuff.

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Any organization, safety is imperative. Therefore, ISO has developed standards for robots that are operating in collaborative modes. Moreover, Risk Assessment must be conducted by the end-users for ensuring safety. The assessment includes the application comprising of the workspace, robot, tools, work-pieces, as well as considering the other hazards.  Possessed with high computing power, these cobots are comparatively less-expensive. Therefore, these would be preferred as a practical option even for small and medium sized organizations.

Cobots are gaining more attention due to following reasons:

  • Cobots are easy to program.
  • Cobots are economically viable.
  • Easy to re-deploy for performing new tasks.
  • Usually, cobots are light-weight, thus they are easy to move to any other desired place within Industry.
  • Cobots can be easily integrated with other Machines.
  • Cobots are safe.
  • Cobots have low integration cost.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Cobots can be set up easily and are easy to operate. Moslty, the set-up time of Cobots is a couple of hours (or lesser in some cases).
  • Usually, Cobots take less floor space in the factory.
  • Cobots provide easy support for new applications.
  • Unlike humans, Cobots are more accurate.
  • Cobots never deviate from their actions and always perform tasks with Consistency.

Purpose of using Cobots:

The purpose of using Cobots is not to replace manpower. However, these are the people-focused robots to assist people and help them by making their work easier. As they are capable of doing unsafe and monotonous tasks, so the other workers of the organization can focus on other tasks that need human skills. Cobots are also capable of assembling the products. Moreover, the errors can be minimized and employees get more time for other relevant tasks. This can lead to enhanced productivity. It is easy to make cobots learn new actions due to availability of numerous mobile applications and user-friendly software.The employees can have more job satisfaction level, leading to enriched work. Thus, we can say that Cobots can play a vital role in enhancing efficiency in an organization.

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