Foods & Drinks to be Avoided when Dealing with Depression and Anxiety

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Researchers have proved that the people who consume more fast food are prone to depression as compared to people who consume Fresh Food.

In this article, we will discuss about some foods that must be avoided as the food-items that are processed or have high sugar and carbohydrates may lead to more risk of depression.

Below are some Foods and Drinks to be Avoided if you are Dealing with Depression and Anxiety:

Processed Food: People consuming lots of processed food items that include meat, fried food, pastries and high-fat dairy products are more prone to anxiety and depression.

Soda: Various drinks that are sugar-sweetened (e.g. soda) are directly linked to depression, thus they must be avoided.

White Toast: Toast (made from white bread) i.e. white flour being highly processed turns to Blood Sugar when consumed. This can lead to crashes or energy spikes that turns out to be bad in case of depression or anxiety. Therefore, start consuming whole-grain bread!

Diet Soda: Although, Diet Soda lacks sugar content, so many people believe that it does not harm our body. However, excessive consumption of diet soda can also lead to depression.

Energy Drinks: Some Energy Drinks are loaded with excessive sugar or Artificial Sweetening agents that can lead to sleep issues, anxiety or weird heart rhythms.

Ketchup: Ketchup’s are also a source of loads of sugar and excessive artificial sweeteners that are also related to depression or anxiety. 

So we must avoid these foods and include healthy food items in our diet chart for our physical and mental well-being. Start consuming the food items that regulate your mood, sleep and brain function.

Include yogurt, chamomile tea, eggs, and Brazil nuts in your diet as they reduce anxiety and stress.


Contributed By : Ms. Suruchika Thakur



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