Role of Robots in Healthcare Sector

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Technological Advancement is prompting an “Unimaginably Energizing” future for clinical robots that can assist Medical Staff by making them more efficient in numerous areas. The field of Robotics is gaining noteworthy importance in the Healthcare Domain.

Different Types of Robots in Healthcare Sectors:

Care Robots: The role of care robots is to take care of disabled or elderly patients. The robots can be trained to help such patients to get into the bed or get out of bed. These robots can also remind patients to take medicines on time or to provide emotional support.Care robots can also assist medical staff for performing a large number of tasks e.g. recording temperatures, taking blood samples or enhancing hygiene.

Hospital Robots: Inside a hospital environment, Hospital robots can be helpful to convey prescriptions, samples of patients, or other delicate material. Robots have been intended to purify medical clinic gadgets or other medical devices and equipment’s. Other applications include cleaning and disinfecting patients’ room.

Exoskeletons: Robots are also capable of assisting in surgeries and provide support in recoveries. One example is Hybrid Assistive Limb exoskeleton that assists in treatment of patients with limb disorders, strokes or spinal cord injuries. They utilize the sensors placed on skin and are able to detect electrical signals and respond with joint movement.

The Numerous Advantages offered by Robots in the field of Healthcare Sectors include:

  • Improved Patient’s Care and increasing the effectiveness of Medical Staff.
  • Robots are also capable of taking care of monotonous tasks or the tasks that are difficult to be accomplished by human beings.
  • Robots can also be designed with Data Mining capabilities.
  • Robots can also be trained to provide Medical Care in Remote Areas.
  • Robots are also capable of providing aid in case of emergency situations or situations that are hazardous for human beings.


Contributed By: Ms. Nidhi Walia


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