Replacing Doctors and Providing Curative Guidance: Chatbot

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Basically, a “Chatbot” refers to a computer program that mimics the human conversation (written or spoken). Chatbots are capable of interacting with individuals, and sometimes those individuals don’t even realize that they are interacting with robots. They’re a solid match for business works that involved individuals performing tedious, monotonous assignments, for example, taking care of client administrations, tuning in to grievances, or taking requests. Now, these tasks can be efficiently handled with chatbots.

Chatbots are finding their applications in medical domain too. A Chatbot has been introduced that can reduce the work of over-burdened doctors. Moreover, the paperwork can also be handled by these kinds of apps. The patients don’t have to wait for appointment with doctor (for non-urgent consultations), rather they can chat with the app. The app is based on Artificial Intelligence Techniques. The users can depict their symptoms casually with help of Natural Language Processing. Expert Systems are used to mine voluminous medical databases. The patients’ symptoms and conditions can be correlated with various machine learning techniques.

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The app can recognize the unique manner how human beings convey their symptoms. With help of billions of combinations of symptoms, ailments, and associated risk factors, the conditions are identified that match the patients’ information. This knowledge can be further combined with patients’ medical history and existing symptoms, it can diagnose the problem and suggest common treatments.

In some countries, the apps have been amalgamated with national health-care providers and insurance companies. The app can identify the patient’s medical condition as efficiently as practitioner and can provide safe treatment guidance. Moreover, the app can identify whether the patients’ symptoms need imperative attention or can be treated with suitable medicines or bed rest. In case of doubt, the app will recommend the patients to seek human opinion. Chatbot can also direct the people to a particular practitioner or nurses or pharmacists.

Some of these apps include Babylon, Dr. A.I, Ada, Your. MD. Among these apps, Babylon has been integrated with UK’s NHS (National Health Services). 

Contributed By: Ms. Nandini Nayar



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